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11 Steps to Listening: a Buddhist Meditative Practice

1. Find an uninterrupted period of time, whether five minutes or an hour. 2. Find a quiet place that you can hopefully establish as your sacred space for regular practice. 3. Sit down on a cushion or your bed. It helps to have a cushion or pillow below your buttocks. Sit with your legs crossed. Read More..

5 Buddhist Observations about Life being Awesome

1. We get to choose that which shapes us. Words shape us. Words originate from thoughts. Thoughts matter – a Buddhist belief. Buddhists hardly use the word awesome. Buddhists hardly use the word awesome to describe life. It is awesome that I am using the word here now and using… Read More..

Without Compassion, What Hope?

Race relations, immigration, Ground Zero and many other issues are sparking debates across a wide spectrum of politicos and religious. What does an apolitical Buddhist nun wish to offer? I used to have strong opinions about various issues related to what I perceive to be discrimination and injustice. Why? I… Read More..

A Chinese Mahayana Nun’s Many False Names

A pointed finger or stutters sometimes replaces my name. Why? English speakers have trouble pronouncing it, and which part? Is it just Guo? Is it pronounced Go, Gwo? Cheen – is it Chin or like Cheetos with an “n”? And with or without the Reverend as a title? Or is… Read More..

A Prescription for Happiness: A Twelve Step Program

If only I were slimmer. . .If only I had the money to . . .If only so-and-so were my partner . . .If only these people knew who I will be someday . . .If only I were born into a different family . . . We fantasize about… Read More..