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24 Reasons for Choosing Listening as an Enlightening Practice

Listening by contemplating on the source of the ear organ is the recommended practice for this era because only sound can be heard through walls and all around. You can practice all hours of the day; even while you’re asleep or deep in a dream, you can hear sounds, including the sound of silence. The sound of silence is a sound with a source in you who hear. You first notice sounds in movement and stillness, then you realize that the object of sound neither comes into being nor ceases. Instead of listening to the wisdom of others, why not listen to that which listens? Contemplate: who is it that listens? Listen until even listening ceases. Read More..

6 Buddhist Antidotes to Suffering

Since evicted from a U.S. monastic order about eight years ago, I have been told many times that I suffer because of my karma, bad karma. Often this sentiment is coming from those I presume to be perpetrating intentional harm. This sentiment also becomes a sort of shaming and humiliation… Read More..

A Glaring Void: The Possibilities for Buddhist Translation Theories to Emerge in the English-Speaking World

Abstract for an upcoming presentation.  Leave a comment if you have any thoughts or suggestions.   Presently no coherent translation theories exist for Buddhist translators from Chinese to English. What elements might a Buddhist translation theorist in the predominantly Christian West consider and integrate as she gleams sacred text translation… Read More..