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11 Steps to Listening: a Buddhist Meditative Practice

1. Find an uninterrupted period of time, whether five minutes or an hour. 2. Find a quiet place that you can hopefully establish as your sacred space for regular practice. 3. Sit down on a cushion or your bed. It helps to have a cushion or pillow below your buttocks. Sit with your legs crossed.

Eight Qualities of Buddhist Translators

Have been introducing features of translation approaches by Chinese Buddhist translators from the second to tenth centuries in China. Presentations in Canada and Thailand thus far have been well received.  Cancong’s advocacy for Buddhist translators’ inner cultivation is a special feature that sacred text translators east and west may be interested in.…

Dedication to A Scripture: To the Avatamsaka Sutra

On Venerating the Avatamsaka Sutra Excerpted from Admonitions for Monastics By Meditation Master Wensui of Suizhou’s Dahong Mountain Homage to my master teacher Vairochana, the Kindly Venerated One of the Flower Treasury.  You proclaim the golden text and the jeweled verses, unfolding scrolls of sutras kept in book sachets. Objects for…

A Small Part of Translating Totality in Parts

The following is an excerpt from Translating Totality in Parts: Chengguan’s Commentaries and Subcommentaries to the Avatamsaka Sutra by Guo Cheen. Published by University Press of America. Book launch on May 9, 2014. Please purchase and review the book on that day! Book review:   “Guo Cheen has made…