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7 Paradoxical Teachings in Buddhism

Typically, we reject contradictions. Buddhists, however, embrace a number of oxymora that serve as levers for opening into profundity likened to light at the end of the tunnel. The unexpected folding into of what is unfolding, and the unfolding of that which is enfolded bend our conscious mind so that…

The Sixth Patriarch Read Along II & III

次年春。師辭眾歸寶林。印宗與緇白。送者千餘人。直至曹溪。時荊州通應律師。與學者數百人。依師而住。 師至曹溪寶林。觀堂宇湫隘。不足容眾。欲廣之。 In the spring of the following year, the Master took leave of the assembly and returned to Pao Lin. Yin Tsung, together with more than a thousand monks and laypeople, accompanied him to Ts’ao Hsi. At that time Vinaya Master T’ung Ying of Ching Chou and several hundred…