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50 Meditation States You Must Let Go (Part V: Consciousness)

When obscured by the Five Aggregates, the sky of the essence of nirvana is like that of a darkened horizon on a foggy night. When the first three aggregates terminate, it is daybreak but light is not yet dawn. Once the volition aggregate ceases, only one aggregate remains submerged. The enlightenment of daylight is on the rise. With the six senses quieted, that which listens and that which is heard are no more, sense data and sense faculties merge into one luminous radiance.

50 Meditation States You Must Let Go (Part II: Feeling)

To reach enlightenment, your meditation practice will, and must, lead you down a path where you wrestle with physicality, feeling, thought, volition, and consciousness. Only when you have become increasingly unattached to each of these aggregates do you reach the ultimate source of courage, compassion, and wisdom.

50 Meditation States You Must Let Go (Part I: Form)

Along your path of practice, you will encounter some interesting physical, mental, and spiritual phenomena. In meditation, you may feel parts of your body shake uncontrollably, you may sense heat circulate through or grow in parts of you, you may have visions, you may hear voices, you may be one with the world. Know that even more meditation experiences await you as you deepen your regular practice. You must also remember that these states of being are transitory signs pointing to an intensive and advancing practice, not ultimate enlightenment. Hence for each experience the same refrain about being relentless with continued awareness, avoiding the derailing belief that you are now awakened, a sage. Here is List I of 10 states associated with the form aggregate among the 50 for the 5 aggregates.