The Sacred Feminine

A Compelling Call to Peace on Earth

The knowledge we need for harmony among the world’s religions and spiritual communities lies in the wisdom of the feminine. The sacred feminine is always attuned to the oneness, the interconnected wholeness of life. A world that is not connected to its soul cannot heal. There will be no real change in the critical issues of peace, diversity, and sustainability in the context of inter-religious understanding and cooperation without the participation of the divine feminine.

Being one another’s neighbor in the global village requires that we learn to honor the spirits of the land, the Indigenous Grandmothers, to whom “we owe our very breath.” Many indigenous and non-indigenous communities are discovering the resources in native traditions that can help us learn to live in harmony with the earth and its creatures.

Indigenous and non-indigenous women must mentor and bond; there is sacredness of women “being there” for each other. Imagine:

How might your life have been different if there had been a place for you. . . a place of women, where you were received and affirmed? A place where other women, perhaps somewhat older, had been affirmed before you, each in her time, affirmed, as she struggled to become more truly herself.

A place where, after the fires were lighted, and the drumming, and the silence, there would be a hush of expectancy filling the entire chamber. . . a knowing that each woman there was leaving old conformity to find her self. . . a sense that all of womanhood stood on a threshold.

And if, during the hush, the other women, slightly older, had helped you to trust your own becoming. . . to trust it and quietly and prayerfully to nurture it. . .

How might your life be different?

Inspire women’s leadership among the world’s religious and spiritual communities.

Woman, with a candle lighted
to help her keep faith with her own life. . .
a centered presence
spreading in concentric circles around her.

(See my interview on this topic at the Parliament of World’s Religions)

And here’s a talk about the girl cell in every one of us.