10 Benefits from the Shurangama Mantra

Why supplement the practice of listening with a practice around the Shurangama mantra?

In general, some spiritual humps are difficult to overcome on your own. The Shurangama mantra is the lever that bounces you right over any obstacle. You can memorize this long mantra and recite it regularly, you can write about this mantra and share it somehow, or you can simply read it, carry it with you, have it at home or work. Any one of these options will ensure the following 10 benefits result for your spiritual evolution:

  1. Buddhas throughout will overcome unkind forces and challenges from adherents of other religions.
  2. Buddhas throughout will appear on jeweled lotuses and elucidate precious teachings.
  3. Buddhas throughout will help you and others, virtually guaranteeing the possibility that you become a Buddha.
  4. Buddhas throughout will simultaneously relieve those suffering
  • in the hell realm,
  • in the realm of hungry ghosts,
  • in the realm of animals,
  • from a disability,
  • from unpleasant relationships,
  • from being apart from loved ones,
  • from unfulfilled wishes,
  • from the over-growth of the Five Aggregates (form, feeling, thinking, volition, and activity).

In a matter of a thought, all difficulties dissolve, including those resulting from crime, war, bureaucracy, law, nature, and basic human needs such as thirst, hunger, and poverty.

  1. Buddhas throughout will be very understanding in order to serve teachers well and absorb the teachings to carry forth the Dharma lineage.
  2. Buddhas throughout will end skepticism, such as removing doubts that arise for Theravadan practitioners as they encounter Mahayana teachings.
  3. Buddhas throughout will realize the most supreme enlightenment and enter great nirvana. They transmit this mantra so that the Dharma will abide and precepts will remain intact after their passing.
  4. Practitioners of this mantra will be unharmed by natural or man-made disasters, forces of nature or supernatural forces, accidental injury or intentional ill-wishes.
  5. Practitioners of this mantra will be guarded gratefully by beings seen and unseen, kind and unkind, enlightened and not so enlightened, to the point that:
  • You have no fear.
  • You become diligent, pure, and patient.
  • You become a vegetarian effortlessly.
  • You instantly know and recall everything there is to know throughout time.
  • You never again transmigrate to a non-human incarnation where you may pick up bad habits or suffer so insufferably that your practice is devastated.
  • You never again transmigrate to an impoverished, lowly, or unhappy existence.
  • You become born when a Buddha is present and study with that Buddha, developing and reaching transcendental wisdom quickly.
  • You receive the merits of all Buddhas even if you don’t attempt to create blessings.
  • You gain the same merits as those practicing in a monastery or sanctuary.
  • You have complete faith in this mantra.
  • You receive the precepts, observe them, and regain purity after minor or major transgressions.
  • You become free from the harm of past negative karma.
  • You have your every wish granted, whether it is for children, longevity, fortune, or health in this life.
  • You enter meditative absorption and experience ease of body and mind.
  1. Locales such as a country, state, city or village beset by famine, plague, war, crime, conflict, ill omen, and others will ward off such difficulties if:
  • A copy of this mantra is placed on the four sides of that region and its central altar.
  • All residents in the area pay respect to this mantra, including its leaders.
  • Each resident wears it or places this mantra in residence.

Wherever this mantra abides, gods and dragons will rejoice, weather will be clement and seasonal, crops will be abundant, people will be free and sleep in peace, joy abound.