Parliament of World’s Religions December 3 to 9, 2009

First held in Chicago in 1893, the Parliament of the World’s Religions brings together the world’s religious and spiritual communities, their leaders and their followers to a gathering where peace, diversity and sustainability are discussed and explored in the context of interreligious understanding and cooperation. As the world’s largest interreligious gathering, the Parliament will:

* Convene religious and civil leaders and people of faith, spirit and goodwill from at least or more than 80 countries
* Foster interreligious, civil and cross-cultural dialogue on important local, national, and global issues
* Invite over 10,000 participants to work together for a just, peaceful, and harmonious society
* Have global appeal, covering social concerns including understanding and respecting diversity, peace and Indigenous reconciliation
* Engage worldwide religious, spiritual, secular, environmental, business and educational leaders to seek commitment and practical solutions through dialogue.
* Promote and encourage social cohesion within societies locally and across the world.