The 6 Senses

Human beings have six sense faculties:

  1. eyes for seeing sights,
  2. nose for smelling scents,
  3. tongue for tasting flavors,
  4. skin for feeling tactile sensations,
  5. brain for thinking thoughts, and
  6. ears for hearing sounds.

Human beings have these six sense organs in common. So if there is a practice that leads to enlightening insight and even enlightenment through any of these senses, anyone can do that practice and advance spiritually.

Even if you have an impairment, you can still use the impaired sense faculty. For instance, the deaf hears a sound that is closer to silence, the blind sees visions, even if it is darkness.

Through the six senses, you experience pain and suffering, ease and delight in the world. The reason that you experience sights and sounds as unpleasant or upsetting isn’t because sights and sounds are inherently unpleasant or upsetting, it is because your sense faculties are not functioning at a level where they connect with the divine Source freely.

Through the six senses too, you reach the Source of all potentiality. More specifically, you can start with one sense. Once you master that one sense to the point you access wisdom and compassion, you can replicate the same mastery with the remaining senses.

Metaphorically, your senses are tied up in knots right now. Just like a scarf with six knots. If you know how to untie one knot, you know how to untie all. Were you to untie each knot until all six are free, you would have accessed the all flowing Source throughout.