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Reviewing the Translation: Buddhist Sacred Text Translation – Chinese to English How To Series 3

1. Read over your work for the second, third, or more times. However, immediately after you finish translating may not be most helpful. Give it a day to a week, and after more meditating, before you re-read your draft translation. You will have changes you will want to make.

Drafting the Translation: Buddhist Sacred Text Translation – Chinese to English How To Series 2

2. Get ready to be creative and focused. For the first draft, be ready to be a writer more than anything else. Don’t stop. Keep going. When you encounter a hurdle, enter the Chinese, add your questions, comments, and/or alternative translations. Come back to these later though -- during the review and editing stages.

50 Meditation States You Must Let Go (Part I: Form)

Along your path of practice, you will encounter some interesting physical, mental, and spiritual phenomena. In meditation, you may feel parts of your body shake uncontrollably, you may sense heat circulate through or grow in parts of you, you may have visions, you may hear voices, you may be one with the world. Know that even more meditation experiences await you as you deepen your regular practice. You must also remember that these states of being are transitory signs pointing to an intensive and advancing practice, not ultimate enlightenment. Hence for each experience the same refrain about being relentless with continued awareness, avoiding the derailing belief that you are now awakened, a sage. Here is List I of 10 states associated with the form aggregate among the 50 for the 5 aggregates.

24 Reasons for Choosing Listening as an Enlightening Practice

Listening by contemplating on the source of the ear organ is the recommended practice for this era because only sound can be heard through walls and all around. You can practice all hours of the day; even while you’re asleep or deep in a dream, you can hear sounds, including the sound of silence. The sound of silence is a sound with a source in you who hear. You first notice sounds in movement and stillness, then you realize that the object of sound neither comes into being nor ceases. Instead of listening to the wisdom of others, why not listen to that which listens? Contemplate: who is it that listens? Listen until even listening ceases.

Just Meditate!

“On Sitting Meditation: An Inscription” Excerpted from Admonitions for Monastics By Meditation Master Buddha Eye Qingyuan, of Longmen The light of the mind shines in emptiness; its substance transcends extremes and pervades all. The light of the mind is like golden waves lapping, for the mind is always in deep…

An Antidote for Too Much Thinking: Breathing Exercises

(Extrapolated from the Sitting Dhyana Samadhi Sutra) For beginners, focus on counting your breaths from one to ten. For more advanced practitioners, follow the breaths and count from one to ten, but stop thinking when breathing pauses. For the most advanced practitioners, count while pausing and contemplating; the practice becomes…